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Zach and his family are celebrating together as they normally do, but Zach has some questions for his parents.  With the perfect faith of a little child, he asks,“ If it’s Jesus’ birthday, why aren’t we celebrating him? Where are His gifts?”  Zach’s innocent questions lead to the creation of a wonderful new family tradition.

After seeing Christmas through a little child’s eyes, you’ll long to celebrate this very special day a little differently.

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Narrative and Coloring book

Whose Birthday Is It? is Monica’s debut into the world of children’s book publications. Monica is committed to sharing her faith with others who are on their spiritual walk. Her calling led her to write this book, inspired by a comment her young son made years ago about Christmas being a birthday celebration for Jesus Christ.


The purpose of Whose Birthday Is It? is to help make faith more practical for families. By highlighting the very practical ways in which her family celebrates this special “birth day” for Christ, she hopes to inspire real dialogue between parents and their children about their faith walk.


Monica’s vision for this publication is to give children, parents and extended family members an additional reference point to God’s word.

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A truly beautiful story about the lessons learned from a child's perspective. A great book that shares how love shows up in the birth and celebration of Christ. It's a Christmas season book, but the message is for all seasons of life. Beautiful illustrations and a great gift to help children understand the true meaning of Christmas.

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