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10 Ways to Celebrate Christ on Christmas


Read the story of the birth of Christ (Luke 2:1-20) and discuss



Bake a birthday cake for Jesus and sing happy birthday to Jesus

(Go all out; decorate for the guest of honor with Birthday and/or Christmas decorations)



As a family, create a gift box or stocking for Jesus



Write down heartfelt gifts to Jesus; put it in a gift box or stocking

(you can be creative and symbolize your gift)

( i.e. if you’d like to give Him time, give a watch or a picture of a watch)



Give gifts to family/friends that will share Christ and His Word

(Bible, a book that shares Christ, scripture journal, scripture plaque, shirt with biblical reference)

(check out my website for Christian Stores to purchase my book and other items)



 Sing Christmas Carols

(Joy to the World, Silent Night, Away in the Manger, Oh Come All Ye Faithful,

Hark the Herald Angel; sing just to name a few)

Pick your favorites



Create a nativity scene and reenact it with your family



Attend a Christmas play with your family and discuss



Donate time serving others and show the love and light of Christ

(Adopt a family- invite them over for Christmas and/or bless them with a family gift)



Pool your resources and adopt a non-profit organization to donate to as a family


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